About Us

Divot.com is a group of guys who sit around in a warehouse all day, wishing we were on the golf course, but since we don’t get to play for free, we have to do something to make just enough to scrape together enough to tee it up, grab a beverage and hot dog at the turn, and to pay off our bets at the end of the round (we live and love golf, but we never said that we were any good!) So, in order to make that money, we scour the entire planet to find the best golf deals from anyone willing to sell them to us. Some days we work harder than others, and find an incredible deal to offer you, but others quite honestly, we just can’t find them!! Relax, it is golf equipment...it’s not like we’re supplying your daily allotment of oxygen! We offer a new deal every day; sometimes we’ll have several thousand of a certain product, sometimes we’ll only have a few dozen, so check in early every day to make sure that you get one! The offer changes every day at 3:00a.m Eastern Time, so set your alarm! Oooh! That gives me an idea for a DIVOT Deal—A golf ball alarm clock! Hey, Steve, get on that, would ya??

Because our lawyers told us that we need to include it, our corporate mailing address is –

Global Value Commerce, Inc.
7320 ACC Boulevard
Raleigh, North Carolina 27617

Enjoy your game! We know that we will.