Nike VR-S Covert Hybrid Golf Club

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Right Hand 3H Hybrid Graphite Regular Flex
Right Hand 3H Hybrid Graphite Stiff Flex
Right Hand 4H Hybrid Graphite Regular Flex
Right Hand 4H Hybrid Graphite Senior Flex
Left Hand 3H Hybrid Graphite Regular Flex
Left Hand 3H Hybrid Graphite Stiff Flex
Left Hand 4H Hybrid Graphite Regular Flex
Includes Headcover
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Nike VR-S Covert Hybrid Clubs
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Product Details

The Nike VR-S Covert hybrid features a high speed cavity back design allows more mass in the heel and toe areas leading to longer and straighter shots. The NexCOR face technology creates the hottest hybrid Nike has ever produced.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Nike
Model: VR-S Covert
Club: Hybrid
Headcover Included: Yes

Utility Player

In baseball, a “utility player” is one that can essentially play all positions. A utility player isn’t necessarily the slugger that’s batting clean-up every game. Rather, he is a player that you can call upon to come off the bench and perform, no matter what the situation. The hybrid/utility golf club is very similar to a utility player in baseball. This club isn’t meant to hit the long shots like your driver, but it is to be used in sticky situations. Having a hybrid in your golf bag also helps you to hit the in-between shots that allow you to hit those once un-reachable par fives. Believe it or not, the hybrid can even help you get creative with your chipping around the green. The hybrid can handle just about any situation on the golf course, which is why no one should be caught without a utility player in their bag.

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