Ashworth Jersey Mini Stripe Pocket Polo Short Sleeve Shirt Golf Apparel

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Ashworth Jersey Mini Stripe Pocket Polo Short Sleeve Shirt Apparel
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Product Details

The Ashworth Jersey Mini Stripe Pocket polo offers tremendous style whether you are on or off the golf course. The polo features a self collar, 2-button placket, open sleeve, left chest pocket, and a Golfman embroidery on the back neck and Golfman tab on the left bodice.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Ashworth
Model: Jersey Mini Stripe Pocket
Type: Shirt
Material: 57% Cotton / 43% Polyester

The Package: An Unexpected Arrival

John bounced around uncontrollably in his chair. He didn’t think he could stand waiting any longer. The shipping details indicated that today was the day. His new Adidas ClimaCool polo shirt should be here by now. “I want it. Must have it now,” John thought to himself. John got up out of his chair and started pacing back and forth in the foyer.

There was a small window that overlooked the street. John could see a teenage boy playing with a cell phone. “It must be that damned Pokémon Go!,” thought John. Kids around the neighborhood had been walking around the streets catching Pokémon all day. Parents had started complaining that the game was a safety hazard. Kids didn't pay attention to passing cars because they were intently glued to their cell phone screens. John began to wonder if the courier would end up bulldozing this one boy if he wasn’t careful.

When pacing grew tiresome, John headed back to his office. He sat down roughly in his armchair and pulled open his laptop. Immediately he went to this email inbox and looked at the shipping information. “Yes, today is the day! Where is it?!” he said out loud to no one in particular. DIVOT promised its packages would arrive on-time. But in truth the package was not late. John's patience was wearing thin.

Suddenly, there was a knock.

In a flash John hurried to the door and flung it open. On the steps was the USPS delivery man dressed in all brown holding a rectangular box. John snatched the package from his hands. Looking at the label, he saw it was from DIVOT and squealed with delight. "It's here! It's here!" he yelled and slammed the door shut right in the delivery man's face. Once inside, he ran to the living room almost tripping over his own feet. Taking a small pocket knife out of his jeans, he hastily cut away at tape and opened the box . Inside, carefully wrapped in plastic, was the Adidas ClimaCool polo shirt.

Pulling it out, he held it up and examined the 100% polyester fabric in the light. "Here it is... my Precious, my love!" John exclaimed and danced around in a circle.

To Be Continued...

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