Nike Method Core MC-5iX Putter Golf Club

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Condition: New
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Right Hand 35 Inches Method Core
Includes Headcover
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Nike Method Core MC-5iX Putter Clubs

Product Details

The Nike Method Core IX putters feature a unique multi material insert with polymetal groove technology which reduces vibration and provides a pure sound for excellent feedback. The Polymetal Groove Technology, which incorporates both polymer and milled steel grooves, promotes a faster forward roll from impact and tour weighting provides optimal forgiveness and improved accuracy and a true roll.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Nike
Model: Method Core MC-5iX
Club: Putter
Headcover Included: Yes

Right handed only deal - Being a lefty sucks!

5. Lefties die sooner!

Studies have shown that the number of left-handers who make it to old age is drastically lower than the number of their right-handed peers. In short, lefties tend to check out earlier. That means less time to enjoy golf in their well-earned retirement.

4. They're More Likely to Go Insane

Here's a fun fact that you can share on your next socially awkward date: Although left-handed people make up only 10 percent of the population as a whole, they compose a full 20 percent of schizophrenics. If you like those odds, you should know that left-handedness is also associated with dyslexia, ADD and some mood disorders.

3. They're Screwed at School

If you think about it, it's kind of surprising that left-handers are as emotionally balanced as they are. Right out of the box, left-handed kids realize the world wasn't quite made for them. At school, they do worse on timed exams and suffer awful back and neck cramps in the process. Why? Freaking right-handed desks. And scissors. And everything else.

Let's not even bring up pen smudge!

2. Hating Them Is Ingrained in Our Culture

Left-handers in the Western World are kind of lucky that they only need to worry about annoyingly awkward tools. In certain parts of Africa, Europe and much of the Far East, it's actually offensive to do anything with your left hand besides wipe your ass. For this and other reasons, the left hand is considered unclean and carries a cultural stigma. This makes being left-handed especially perilous in social situations, since waving hello or (God forbid) trying to shake another's hand with your left is akin to slapping them in the face.

1. They can't buy today's deal

Actually many DIVOT deals cater exclusively to the privileged right handed players. You don't hear much complaining of course, they are used to it. DIVOT hardly ever runs exclusive lefty deals, sometimes we sell out of the right-handed version which sets our comments on fire, but who is really surprised? 90% of golfers are right handed.

Today us "normal folk" can pick on lefties for all their life troubles and enjoy a great deal they can't partake in. Enjoy!

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