Cleveland CG16 Tour Issue RTG Wedge Golf Club

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Right Hand Lob Wedge 58° Loft 8° Bounce Steel Wedgeflex Flex
Right Hand Lob Wedge 58° Loft 12° Bounce Steel Wedgeflex Flex
Right Hand Lob Wedge 60° Loft 12° Bounce Steel Wedgeflex Flex
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Cleveland CG16 Tour Issue RTG Wedge Clubs

Product Details

The Cleveland CG16 Tour Issue RTG wedge features Tour ZIP grooves with laser-milled texture lines perfectly calibrated between each groove, allowing for optimal ball-to-face friction and maximum spin in accordance with the Rules of Golf. It also features a slight cavity-back with an undercut, moving the center of gravity lower and deeper to increase the Moment of Inertia for improved off-center hits. The RTG head has a raw, 8620 carbon steel construction which is designed to intentionally rust over time, significantly reducing glare.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Cleveland
Model: CG16 Tour Issue RTG
Club: Wedge

Top 5 Unwritten Golf Rules

Below are the TOP 5 Unwritten Rules of Golf.

  • Don't give unsolicited lessons. I know what I'm doing.

  • Don't blame the wind, a bird, a lawn mower or sprinkler three fairways over, or a squirrel for YOUR bad shot. We're all human, if I didn't hit bad shots you'd see me on T.V. not in your group.

  • Wait for everyone in your group to tee off before you start making your way to your golf ball. The next time you take off before I tee off, the golf ball may head in your direction. Consider yourself warned.

  • Don't speak to MY golf ball. It has enough trouble listening to me. I'll tell it what to do.

  • Keep the greens clean of your sunflower seeds and cigarette/cigar ashes. The last thing I want to do is pick up my golf ball that has your saliva all over it.

Next time you're on the golf course try and follow these rules. It'll make for a better round for all parties involved.

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