Callaway *Tour Issue* RAZR X Muscleback Iron Set Golf Club

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Callaway *Tour Issue* RAZR X Muscleback Iron Set Clubs

Product Details

The Callaway *Tour Issue* RAZR X Muscleback irons are forged 1020 Carbon Steel which produces a soft feel and responsive feedback at impact. They feature tour cc grooves which are tightly spaced and have up to 30% more grooves on the clubface, this allows the clubs to generate increased spin for aggressive shot-making. The tour-inspired styling features a white chrome finish with a very thin topline, narrow sole and short blade length for workability. The flighted CG design optimizes trajectories and distance control and the RAZR Muscleback design maximizes consistency and playability. This set came from the tour department and feature specially weighted tour heads and upgraded premium shafts.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Callaway
Model: *Tour Issue* RAZR X Muscleback
Club: Iron Set

Hard to Find. Today's Your Lucky Day.

"There is a huge market for tour issue clubs because it's equipment that is either very hard to obtain through retail channels, or not possible at all." -Golf Enthusiast (who shall remain nameless)

Behold, the Callaway Tour Issue RAZR X Muscleback irons. Played by majority of Callaway Tour Staff professionals.

Now's your chance to get a piece of the pie. You're welcome.

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