Cleveland CG16 Tour Issue RTG Wedge Golf Club

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Cleveland CG16 Tour Issue RTG Wedge Clubs


Walk. Swing. Putt. Repeat. By the end I’m just too tired. Playing golf requires so much physical exertion I end the round sweating and never finish my cooler of beer! I do find that 9-holes are a big improvement over 18. Plus, a score of 80 sounds way more impressive. Besides playing a shorter game, I’m always looking for a way to reduce the amount of energy needed. It seems I can’t do much about the swinging and putting, but walking… I love golf carts. I love golf carts so much I had to buy my own; rentals are no longer good enough. Mine is completely tricked out. Leather seats, air conditioning, flames across the side, hydraulics, and a 3,000 watt sound system, it’s fully loaded. Everyone looks over with jealousy as I listen to MmmBop bouncing down the cart path. The course won’t let me drive down the fairway, which means I have to do some walking, but don’t worry. I’ve started a petition.

My friends claim I’ve lost touch with the game, that I should go get a lighter bag and walk the course. They say “It will improve your game,” “You’ll have better focus,” and "You’ll get some exercise.” This may all be true, but I’m just not down with the walking. I might still buy one of these TaylorMade stand bags. At 5.5 pounds, the 7-way full length dividers and 9.5 inch oval top will give plenty of room for all my clubs and it will be even lighter when pulling it out of my trunk, giving me more energy to carry beer. I’ll see you on the putt-putt course - seems it seems like putt-putt eliminates the swinging part so now it’s just drive, drink, putt, repeat.

Any ideas on how I can cut out the putting?

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