Ashworth Cardiff ADC Golf Shoe

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Ashworth Cardiff ADC Spikeless Shoes
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Product Details

The Ashworth Cardiff ADC is a golf shoe with the cross-over appeal of a leisure shoe. This stylish spikeless golf shoe features a rich and soft tumbled leather upper, PU sockliner, full-length cushioning on top of insole board for added comfort, EVA midsole and re-designed spikeless outsole for excellent traction and increased flexibility. All day comfort, playability, wear-ability and a sure-footed spike-less sole, allow one to transition seamlessly from the course to the clubhouse, and beyond.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Ashworth
Model: Cardiff ADC
Shoe Type: Spikeless
Upper Description:
    Rich and soft tumbled leather upper
Inner Description:
    PU sock liner and full-length cushioning on top of insole board for incredible comfort and All Day Cushioning Softer EVA Mid-Sole New comfort last offers a more generous forefoot for added comfort
Outer Description:
    Re-designed spikeless outsole delivers improved traction, additional cushioning and increased flexibility 2 Year Waterproof Warranty


During my regular physical examination, my doctor asked me about my level of physical activity.

I described a typical day, "Well, yesterday afternoon, I took a five hour walk about 7 miles through some pretty rough terrain. I waded along the edge of a lake. I pushed my way through brambles. I got sand in my shoes and my eyes. I avoided standing on a snake. I climbed several rocky hills. I took a few 'leaks' behind some big trees. The mental stress of it all left me shattered. At the end of it all I drank eight beers."

Inspired by the story, the doctor said, "You must be one hell of an outdoors man!"

"No," I replied, "I'm just a shitty golfer."

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