Nike Dri-Fit Ultra Stripe 2014 Polo Short Sleeve Shirt Golf Apparel

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Nike Dri-Fit Ultra Stripe 2014 Polo Short Sleeve Shirt Apparel
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Product Details

The Nike Dri-Fit Ultra Stripe polo is specially designed to wick moisture from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your day. Features solid knit collar, open sleeves, and a stylish, stripe design.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Nike
Model: Dri-Fit Ultra Stripe 2014
Type: Shirt
Material: 100% Polyester

Polo (Disambiguation)

  • Marco.
  • A shirt.
  • A game.
  • A response in the swimming pool game.

All of the above are polo's.

One was an explorer, one is a popular shirt style, one is a game involving horses and riders using golf drivers with super long shafts, and one is something you shout when you're not a fish out of water.

But Mr. Polo never got a chance to wear the shirt that bears his name.

He may have never played the horseback game either, though it was popular throughout central Asia during the time of his travels.

We also don't know for sure whether he ever played the swimming pool game; however, there are unsubstantiated historical reports that Mr. Polo was the world champion of the game, representing Venice in the Marco Polo World Championships from 1297-1302, before consumption forced his retirement from the sport. (His five year run is a streak which is still without peer.)

We tend to believe those unsubstantiated historical reports, since we were the ones who have made those assertions.

We also believe the Nike Dri-Fit Ultra Stripe polo can help you achieve a winning streak of your own, through its highly-breathable, quick drying, super-soft polyester construction.

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