Tour Edge Exotics XCG-6 Driver Golf Club

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Right Hand 9 Deg Exotics Matrix Ozik HD 6.1 Graphite Stiff Flex
Left Hand 9 Deg Exotics Graphite Design Tour AD 40 Graphite Regular Flex
Left Hand 9 Deg Exotics Matrix OZIK HD Graphite Regular Flex
Left Hand 9 Deg Exotics Matrix OZIK HD Graphite Stiff Flex
Includes Headcover
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Tour Edge Exotics XCG-6 Driver Clubs

Product Details

The Exotics XCG-6 Driver from Tour Edge offers everything you’ve come to expect from an Exotics driver but now with an adjustable hosel for the ultimate in ball flight control. The sole features maximum heel/toe weighting is created by four hexahedron weight pads that deliver a higher MOI for greater stability and greater distance. An advanced face design maximizes ball speed by thinning and thickening the forged titanium face increasing the spring-like effect.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Tour Edge
Model: Exotics XCG-6
Club: Driver
Headcover Included: Yes
Tool Included: Yes


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...and a few other exotic things that we can't show you picutres of (seriously, just google it), why wouldn't you want an exotic club, like this Tour Edge Exotics XCG-6?

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