Wilson Carry Lite Stand Golf Bag

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Wilson Carry Lite Stand Golf Bags
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Product Details

The WIlson Carry Lite stand bag is a great bag for traveling or just a day on the course. This bag fits great both on the golf cart or your push cart or just taking a nice stroll down the fairways carrying it. It features a diamond polyester fabric, 5 closed pockets, padded double strap, insulated water bottle sleeve, and towel ring/glove holder. Additionally it features an umbrella holder and comes with a rain hood.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Wilson
Model: Carry Lite
Bag Type: Stand
Material: Diamond Polyester
Carry Type: Double Strap
Divider: 5-Way
  • Five total pockets provide ample storage including a large apparel pocket and fleece lined valuables pouch
  • Ergonomic dual straps and hip pad provide walking comfort
  • Towel ring and velcro glove holder
  • Rainhood and umbrella holder
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum legs
  • Insulated beverage sleeve

The 18th Green

Two old friends met at the golf course. "How's it going?" asked Jake.

"No so good," replied Mark. "My wife's divorcing me."

"Why that's terrible," remarked Jake, "What happened?"

"I enjoyed a five and a half footer on the eighteenth green," he replied.

"So what's so wrong with making a good putt?" Jake asked.

"It wasn't a putt... It was a brunette."