Used Adams Pro Hybrid Golf Club

$34.99 - $44.99+ $5.99 Shipping
Suggested Retail: $250.00
Condition: Used
Shipping only within United States, US Territories, and Military APO addresses.
Options Available:
Right Hand 2H Hybrid Graphite Stiff Flex
Right Hand 3H Hybrid Graphite Regular Flex
Right Hand 3H Hybrid Graphite Stiff Flex
Right Hand 4H Hybrid Graphite Regular Flex
Right Hand 4H Hybrid Graphite Stiff Flex
Right Hand 4H Hybrid Graphite Senior Flex
Left Hand 3H Hybrid Graphite Stiff Flex
Headcover Not Included
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Adams Pro Hybrid Clubs
Representative photos. Actual product will look used, have a full shaft with grip, and be in a brown box.
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Used Golf Club Ratings

Frickin’ AwesomeFrickin’ Awesome
Ever get a club so wrong that you return it without even playing with it? That's where frickin' awesome clubs come from. They are manufacturers' returns that have never been used. Sure, there may be some minimal shop wear, but who cares? We're selling them at a used price, and that’s frickin’ awesome!
There may be some slight ball marks on the face or a bit of light scratching on the sole, but that’s to be expected on a used club. Given the savings, these clubs are still pretty sweet!
These clubs have normal ball marks and scratching on the face and sole. They might even have light scratches, paint chips, or minor dings/nicks, on or around the crown. It’s OK. You’re still getting a good club at a great price.
Could Be WorseCould Be Worse
I’m sure you’ll get in plenty of good rounds with these clubs, but it's pretty clear that someone else did that first. Expect these to be frequently played clubs complete with cosmetic blemishes. Hey, they could be worse considering their bargain barrel prices.
Don't BotherDon't Bother
You won't actually find these clubs on DIVOT. They're so terrible that we don’t sell them. Any used clubs we deem unplayable or have issues beyond cosmetic ones are immediately incinerated on consecrated ground.

Product Details

The Adams Pro hybrid features Adams' patented upside-down head shaping to create a high MOI. Its Velocity Slot technology on the crown and Cut-Thru Slot technology on the sole combine with an ultra-thin face for increased forgiveness and trampoline effect for more distance. The center of gravity has been repositioned behind the center of the face for improved shot-shaping capability.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Adams
Model: Pro
Club: Hybrid
Headcover Included: No

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