Puma Titan Lite Golf Shoe

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Sizes Available:
7M, 8M, 8W, 8 1/2M, 8 1/2W, 9M, 9W, 9 1/2M, 9 1/2W, 10M, 10W, 10 1/2M, 10 1/2W, 11M, 11W, 11 1/2M, 11 1/2W, 12M, 13M
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Puma Titan Lite Golf Shoe Shoes
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Product Details

The Puma Titan Lite golf shoe is constructed of lightweight performance microfiber and offers tour level technology with classic Puma styling. This shoe features OutLastĀ®, certified space technology which provides superior thermal comfort coupled with an ultra-thin TPU outsole with K5 low-profile stealth cleat traction technology. Additional key features include PowerToe technology, decoupled forefoot construction provides support and stability for superior performance, and EverFoam interior construction provides comfort and added cushioning and a secure fit. This stylish, tour performance golf shoe also comes with multiple style laces and offers a 1 year waterproof warranty.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Puma
Model: Titan Lite
Shoe Type: Golf Shoe
Upper Description:
  • Lightweight performance microfiber
Inner Description:
  • OutLastĀ®, certified space technology which provides superior thermal comfort which regulates temperature by utilizing phase change materials absorb, store and release heat.
  • Shapelock interior construction provides complete memory foam comfort for ultimate cushioning and a secure and customized fit
  • PowerFrame, PowerToe and Power Vamp technologies provide superior stability and support throughout the golf swing
Outer Description:
  • Low-profile Stealth Cleat traction technology for a lower-to-the-ground construction that provides more immediate response for a more consistent swing
  • Includes multi- lace colors for various style options
  • 1 year waterproof warranty

Make It Work

Black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means. The perfection of a high contrast black and white shoe is chic when people see it out on the golf course. It's hard to mess up this timeless color combination. Tim Gunn approves.

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