Adams Idea Super S Hybrid Golf Club

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Right Hand 2H Hybrid Graphite Stiff Flex
Right Hand 4H Hybrid Graphite Regular Flex
Right Hand 4H Hybrid Graphite Senior Flex
Right Hand 5H Hybrid Graphite Senior Flex
Left Hand 3H Hybrid Graphite Stiff Flex
Left Hand 4H Hybrid Graphite Regular Flex
Headcover Not Included
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Adams Idea Super S Hybrid Clubs
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Product Details

The Adams Idea Super S hybrid features Cut-Thru Velocity Slot Technology in the sole which creates an ultra hot face for incredible ball speeds. The crown slot creates a high launch angle without increasing spin for increased carry. The matte white crown with contrast PVD face makes the clubhead appear larger and allows for easy alignment for increased confidence. This hybrid helps you stick it close and makes long iron shots fun again.
Player Type: Men
Brand: Adams
Model: Idea Super S
Club: Hybrid
Headcover Included: Yes
  • Cut-Thru VST in the sole increases CT to 230 creating an ultra hot stainless steel hybrid.
  • Refi ned Crown Slot creates higher launch angle without increasing spin for longer carry distance.
  • Matte White Crown with Contrasting PVD Face increases apparent club size and ease of alignment for increased confi dence at address.

Super Idea!

Like most of you, I never won any superlatives in high school.

The reason I know most of you weren't named Best Looking, Most Likely to Succeed, Best Hair, etc. is because that's kind of the point of superlatives. It's not even an issue of recognizing the top 1% of students in any particular category. It's narrowing it down to a single student (of each gender, of course) deemed worthy of recognition for their excellence in hair, style, genotypes, and/or phenotypes.

And while Adams wasn't so bold as to name their Idea Super S hybrid the "Adams Superlative," they still thought highly enough of it to call it Super, leaving it in the very fine company of other "Super" things--like the bowl or the man.

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