Callaway Tour Hat Gift Set Combo Set Golf Accessory

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Callaway Tour Hat Gift Set Combo Set Accessories

Product Details

The Callaway Tour Hat Gift Set includes a Callaway Tour Hat, Hat Clip with magnetic ball marker, (3) Callaway Eterni-Tees, Odyssey Poker chip ball marker, and Callaway Pocket Brush. Great gift idea for any occasion!
Player Type: Men
Brand: Callaway
Model: Tour Hat Gift Set
Type: Combo Set
Material: N/A

Combo Set

Good Combo: Nacho Cheese Pretzel Combos. Bad Combo: Zesty Salsa Tortilla Combos. Worse Combo: Hearty Manwhich Apple Combos.

Good Combo: Adding $1 to your sandwich order and getting chips and a drink. Bad Combo: Assuming “the combo” discounts the beverage and side, then get charged for them independently (“We said ‘combo’ – that doesn’t mean you save anything!”) Worse Combo: Ordering a combo in the drive-through and getting stabbed with a steak knife by the window guy.

Good Combo: Dramamine and cruises. Bad Combo: Ipecac and cruises. Worse Combo: Fires and cruises.

Good Combo: Batman and Robin. Bad Combo: Brooks and Dunn. Worse Combo: Batman and Dunn.

Good Combo: Women and wine. Bad Combo: Women and whine. Worse Combo: Wino women and whine.

Good Combo: Rock and Roll. Bad Combo: A rock and a hard place. Worse Combo: A rock lodged in to your sternum.

Good Combo: Callaway Tour Hat Gift Set. Bad Combo: Sand traps and water hazards. Worse Combo: Alligators and water hazards.

If that last “Good Combo” stuck out a bit it was supposed to. Because that’s today’s DIVOT deal.